cropped-capture112.pngAerial Photography & Quality Management Services

Titan Communications specializes in helping nationwide clients manage large scale projects aimed at maintaining and updating telecommunication equipment. We ensure quality installation, decommission, and maintenance services to meet the demands within this quickly growing and changing industry. By providing trusted in-house crews, we ensure quality control and establish a company culture upholding safety awareness, meticulous attention to work, and comprehensive documentation of results.cropped-dji_0858.jpg

We provide cutting-edge tower and general site audit service using unmanned aerial vehicles, which allows for the creation of full 360 degree photos and video of existing structures while completely eliminating the risk associated with standard audits. This incredibly diverse application can be utilized to show construction progress, perform telecommunications audits, create stunning event photography, and much more.


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Titan Communications provides our clients with thorough, detailed, and organized reports throughout the entire process, so there is never a question about the quality you are receiving.



We require our employees to have extensive training and experience within the telecommunications industry. We hold our crews to high company standards for training and safety awareness.


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We have provided quality services for companies large and small. Contact us for our portfolio information.